Main Partners

Kozani chamber of commerce and industry

The purpose of the Kozani chamber of commerce and industry, is to protect and develop commerce, industry, crafts, the professions, the service provision sector and exports, in accordance with the interests and objectives of the national economy. Providing the State with advisory opinions on every economic issue, including related draft laws, always with a view to the economic development of the region and to the general interest of the national economy. Providing their members and any interested parties with advisory services and information on any financial matter.


The Cluster of Bioeconomy and Environment of Western Macedonia (CluBE) is a platform for cooperation of the three pillars of the regional economy: the public sector, research and entrepreneurship. The Cluster seeks to develop synergies between local and regional players and businesses in bioenergy and the environment, aiming at introducing and developing innovation in the sector and increasing its added value.


Region of Western Macedonia

Municipality of Kozani

Kozani is a municipality in the Region of Western Macedonia. The city is the commercial and scientific center of Western Macedonia with a vibrant life and a variety of cultural and social events. The city’s location is such that it makes it a transport hub that connects Macedonia with Epirus and Thessaly. The construction of the new Egnatia reduced the distance to major urban centers and facilitated visitor access. Residents of the Municipality of Kozani keep the rich local tradition but also the development of the city through modern infrastructure so that the city to be a place of prosperity and functionality.

University of Western Macedonia

The University of Western Macedonia is a Greek Higher Education Institution based in Kozani. It was established in 2002 by ministerial decision. One of the main goals of the University of Western Macedonia is the creation of new knowledge through the promotion of scientific research. The University’s research activity, as it is supported by its people (postgraduate and undergraduate scholars, postdoctoral researchers, etc.) and by appropriate logistics and the level of Teaching and Education.


CERTH/CPERI’s mission is to conduct high caliber basic and applied research, to develop novel technologies and products and to pursue scientific and technological excellence in selected advanced areas of Chemical Engineering, including Energy, Environment, Materials and Process Technologies, in response to the needs of the Greek and European industrial and productive sector.


West Macedonia Development Company (ANKO) SA created by the local authorities, the State, the agricultural cooperatives and Chambers of Commerce, in order to act as a pioneering scientific organisation for the regional development approach.

Under the Auspices

Technical Chamber of Greece

Hellenic Energy Regulation Institute (HERI)